Vilnius, Lithuania



Short-time Cryo CV

Juozas Prušinskas,    DOB March 19, 1952
A. Goštauto str. 12, Vilnius LT-01108, mob. Phone +370 672-84-101, email apgamas@gmail.com, lisa0207@gmail.com

Oncologist, practicing surgeon

Education: Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine (1971-1977) and surgical residency (1977-1978).

Specialization: Surgery and cryogenic treatment of head and neck tumours, Moscow (1980-1989); University of Colorado, Melanoma Clinic, USA (1990); University of Toronto (1990); the Thames Clinic and the Chelsea Clinic, London (1992-1993); courses of cosmetology, Vilnius (1994); courses of laser therapy, Vilnius (1996).

Work: The Lithuanian Centre of Oncology, the Department of Head and Neck Tumours Surgery (1978-1992), surgeon of the Lithuanian airlines (1993-1994), expert, surgeon.

Cancer prophylaxis surgery “Apgamas”, since 1995, cryosurgeon.
Innovation activities: Creation of the portable universal cryoapparatus “LUKA” and nozzle-scalpel (patent A61B 18/00 “Nozzle-scalpel for skin derivatives (tumours) cryoexcis”).
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy(patent SU-1790408 А3 “Method of skin melanoma treatment”) and phytotherapy in combined cryotreatment of skin melanomas.

Establishment of the cancer prophylaxis Cabinet “Apgamas”.
Creation of methodology of metachronic cryodestruction of complex nevi.

Creation of the method of cryoannular excision of melanomas and skin cancers.

Propagation of cryotreatment: own paper of “Apgamas” (Nevus), 3 videofilms, 4 booklets, Skin Atlas 1998, annual presentations in congresses and conferences (Sankt-Petersburg, Riga, Kiev, Kaunas, etc.), more than 200 scientific articles.


The Conference at Institute of Oncology, Vilnius University, Lithuania.  First presentation.  Vilnius, 1980

The Briefing at Instute of Oncology in Lithuania. Vilnius, 1980

Consults docent Vladimir Lazo, grandchild of Sergey Lazo at Institute  of Oncology. St. Petersburg, 1983

Begining of Personal venture. Consultation in process. Vilnius, 1992

The Conference  „Melanoma in Russia“. With collegues from  Latvian Center of Virotherapy „Rigvir“. Moscow, 2008

With collegues Dr. Alan Spatz (Canada) and Jeffrey S. Weber, MD, PhD (USA) Conference  „Melanoma in Russia“. Moscow, 2008

Congress in St. Petersburg „Cryotherapy in Russia” with Professor  Vladimir Kochenov and Professor Aleksandr Baranov (right). 2008

Dr. Juozas Prusinskas at work with echodopler LOGISTAN №128

Dr. Juozas Prusinskas at his clinic „Apgamas“

With Prof. Dr. Nikolai Korpan and Prof. Dr. Kecheng  Xu, 16th World Congress of the ISC. Vienna, 2011

The Leisure. Football – the second life

The Leisure. Meeting of journalists

Talking about melanoma at Lithuanian radio

Report at the Moscow Academy of Sciences of Sechenov. Moscow, 2004

Presentation at International Conference „Cryotherapy in Russia“. St. Petersburg, 2011

Visiting Prof. Dr. Nikolai Korpan, prospective President of ISC. Vienna, 2010

Once in Chernobyl… Ukraine, 1997

The Conference of surgeons, with the chief oncologist of Lithuania Eugene Stratilatov.  Vilnius, 2009