Patrick J. Le PIVERT

Jupiter, Florida, USA


Short-time Cryo CV

Dr Patrick Jean Le Pivert a former French surgeon and cryosurgeon, is an American scientist, biomedical engineer, and immunologist involved with the development of new concepts, devices and methods dealing with the use of cryothermal energy in the medical field, with a special emphasis on targeted interventional therapies of solid tumors.

Author invented, designed, and developed in close cooperation with the French industry and national laboratories (Atomic Energy Commission) innovative materials and methods such as the bioelectrical impedance-assisted cryoablation, a liquid nitrogen multiprobe-assisted tumor cryoablation, and formable, flexible cryocatheter for endoscopic and endovascular cryotherapy. 

Author has promoted novel applications of cryosurgery as early as in the 1970's-1980's such as endobronchial cryotherapy, varicose vein cryo-assisted ablation (cryostripping and cryosclerosis), through teaching, conferencing and tutoring? Author has over 80 publications and peer-reviewed papers in Journals, books, book chapters.

Starting 1998 he has been awarded US federal funding (NIH, NCI, NASA grants) for the development of: impedance imaging of the cryolesion, three-dimensional low-light emitting tumor models with early assessment of response to combined cryo-microcapsule chemotherapies, and most recently ultrasound-guided interventional drug injection systems for solid tumors? He has secured positions at the executive level within two US-based startup/development-stage medical device companies. Author has twelve issued and pending patents.

For the last five years he has been involved with fundamental, translational, and clinical research which focuses on the cryothermal enhancement of intralesional therapies (chemotherapeutics, biologics) image-guided interventional cryosurgery, and cryo-chemo-immuno-therapies. He is now with the Interventional Drug delivery and Strategies Group (ID2S2) that develops protocols and methods for the controlled interstitial administration of drug and thermal energy to primary or metastatic solid tumors.


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