Truls E. Bjerklund Johansen

Stavern, Norway

Private address: Komm. Herbstgt. 7, N-3290 Stavern, Norway
Private phone: (47) 33199460/91841063

Exams, and academic degrees:
MD University of Oslo 1976
Dr.Med Sci.,University of Oslo 1988
Professor in medicine (urology) University of Tromsø, Norway 1993
Professor in medical science Telemark University College, Norway 2001
Professor II in Urology, University of Aarhus, Denmark 2007

Specialist authorisations:
General surgery 1984, Norway
Urology 1986, Norway
Danish authorisation as specialist in urology and general surgery 2007

Clinical appointments:
1976-88 Training in surgery and urology at Telemark Hospital, Sandefjord Hospital and Akershus University Hospital, Oslo - Norway
Consultant in general surgery and urology since 1984.
1988-2007 Chairman, urology section, Telemark Hospital, Norway
Jan. 2007 - Okt.2007. Head of urological research, Telemark Hospital
2007- Chairman, Urology dept., Århus University Hospital, Denmark

Chairman European Society for Infections in Urology 2007 (ESIU, full section of the European Ass. of Urology, EAU)
Co-chairman EAU guidelines panel on UTI 2007
Board member EAU Section Office 2007
Board member EAU Research foundation 2012
Deputy chairman, clinical research committee, EAU research foundation 2012
Board member, Commision for UTI, International Society for Chemotherapy 2005
Chairman Global Prevalence-Study on Infections in Urology (GPIU) run by ESIU/EAU since 2003 (collaborative project for numerous international associations of urology, microbiology and infectious diseases)
Faculty member, European School of Urology (ESU) 2009
Chairman Module 5. EUREP course, ESU 2011
Secretary EuCAP/EAURF (European registry for Cryosurgical ablation of prostate cancer prostate cancer) 2010
Co-ordinator ESGCP (European Study Group for Cryosurgical ablation of Prostate cancer) 2010
Referee/ consulting editor Journal of the Norwegian Medical Ass. since 1996
Member Advisory board for European Urology To-day (EAU) 2000
Consulting editor, Brazilian Journal of Urology 2006
Editorial board member African J Urol 2007
Member International Editorial Committee, The Journal of Urology, USA 2008-2012
Referee for several urological journals

The Norwegian Medical Association
Norwegian Ass of Surgery
Norwegian Ass of Urology
Danish Ass. of Urology
Scandinavian Ass of Surgery
Scandinavian Ass of Urology
European Ass of Urology
European Society for Infections in Urology
Rotary International
Honorary member Hungarian Ass. of Urology

May 2012