19th World Congress of ISC


19th ISC Bodies

Official delivery of the ISC Flag by the 18th President of the ISC Prof. Dr. Kecheng Xu,Guangzhou, China and 19th President of the ISC Prof. Dr. Haruo Isoda, Nagoya, Japan on November 27th, 2015 in Kanazawa, Japan

Prof. Dr. Haruo Isoda, Brain & Mind Research Center, Nagoya University, Department of Brain & Mind Sciences, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya, Japan has been elected and voted the 19th President of the ISC

The new 19th Board of Governors of the ISC was elected and voted as following:

Prof. Dr. Sajio SUMIDA, Japan

Prof. Dr. Nikolai N. KORPAN, Austria


Prof. Dr. Kecheng XU, China

Prof. Dr. Haruo ISODA, Japan

Prof. Dr. Lizhi NIU, China

Dr. Patrick J. Le PIVERT, USA

Dr. Juana Elida MAURO, Argentina
Prof. Dr. Masashi WATANABE, Japan
Sergey V. KUNGURTSEV, Russia
Prof. Dr. Yueyong XIAO, China

Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki TSUCHIYA, Japan
Prof. Dr. Yaron HAR-SHAI, Israel
Prof. Dr. Dingang LI, China
Dr. Andrew WILLIAMS, United Kingdom
Dr. Barlian SUTEDJA, Indonesia
Prof. Dr. Wentao LI, China
Dr. Juozas PRUŠINSKAS Lithuania
Prof. Dr. Junta HARADA, Japan
Dr. Tze Min WAH, United Kingdom
Prof. Dr. Tadashi SHIMIZU, Japan
Prof. Dr. Zhen Lin ZHAO, China
Esther Lee Poh LAW, Malaysia


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The Meering Board of Governors 13.09.2017

19 ISC Congress - Abstract Book

The Minutes of the 19th General Meeting of ISC

The Minutes of the meeting of the 19th Board of Governors of ISC