17th Board of Governors of the ISC

The 17th Board of the Governors of the ISC was officially elected and voted via secret ballots in the General Assembly of the ISC, Session 2 in the Hofburg, Redouten Hall, Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011, 11:00-12:15 CET, Vienna, Austria.


Board of Governors of the ISC


Vice Presidents

Prof. Dr. Peter J. Littrup, USA

Prof. Dr. Kecheng Xu, China


Secretary General

Dr. Patrick J. Le Pivert, USA



Prof. Dr. Junta Harada, Japan

Prof. Dr. Lizhi Niu, China

Dr. Juana Elida Mauro, Argentina

Prof. Dr. Yueyong Xiao, China

Prof. Dr. Masashi Watanabe, Japan (coopted)



Esther Law Lee Poh, Malaysia


Full Members

Prof. Dr. Olexyi I. Dronov, Ukraine

Prof. Dr. Mikhail Khanevich, Russia

Dr. Juozas Prushinskas, Lithuania

Engineer Jaroslav V. Zharkov, Ukraine